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A Tearful Farewell and a Big Welcome!
Living Your Best Life-Part 2: Exercise
Finding Balance in 2013
Live your Best Life: Part 1- Healthy Eating
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A Tearful Farewell and a Big Welcome!

Comings and Goings

There has been a lot going on at Spirit Tree Yoga lately. And I am talking BIG, life-changing events.  Firstly, I am going back to school to become Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario.  As most of you members know, I have been a registered massage therapist in the States when I leave there for 10 years.  I am still giving spa treatments but I really missed my massage therapy practice.  And with the urging of a few clients and members (you know who you are!

Living Your Best Life-Part 2: Exercise

Living Your Best Life-Part 2: Exercise  

 In this series, I have been focusing on three aspects to help you live your best life.  These three principles guide my life and have made me a happier, healthier person.  We have talked about the importance of healthy eating to nourish and support your body and mind so that it can function and perform vibrantly and optimally.  In today’s column, I am going to talk about exercise.  Exercise is absolutely the key in helping you to live your best life.

Finding Balance in 2013

I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  As we enter this New Year, many of us welcome the opportunity to “start over” and to create a fantastic year for ourselves.  Many New Year’s resolutions include the goal of “getting back in shape” or “getting healthy”.  These goals are to be applauded.  I, however, suggest another goal or resolution to strive for in 2013—finding balance in life. In the New Year, we tend to focus on the physical aspect of our lives, how we look on the outside.

Live your Best Life: Part 1- Healthy Eating

Live Your Best Life: Part 1 Healthy Eating  

This is the first part of the “Live Your Best Life” Series focusing on Healthy Eating.  Healthy Eating is not as easy as it sounds.  Today, most people don’t even know how to eat healthy or worse, they don’t even know that they are not eating healthy.  When I go to the supermarket, I always observe what people put in their cart.  I cannot believe how many people do not even buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  The majority of the people have carts that are filled with canned and boxed food.

Live Your Best Life Series

Live your Best Life!  

What a beautiful summer we are having!  I hope everyone is taking advantage of all the abundant local produce found at our many Farmer’s Markets and Veggie Stands.  It is so important to feed our bodies daily with many servings of fruits and vegetables to stay optimally healthy and vibrant.  Did you know that when you are totally healthy and eating well, you become so happy, full of energy and clear-minded that it almost feels too good to be true?  I feel so bad for the people I see around me who are smoking, or eating fast-food, or drinking alcohol (or a combination of all three).

The Joy of Running

Doesn’t that title just make you sick!  I know that saying made me sick for many years.  You see, I have never enjoyed running.  I would read my friend’s posts on Facebook stating how they love their morning run or how when they are stressed they just love going out for a run, and I would be thinking “they are crazy! How can they enjoy running?”  I always wanted to be a runner, though.  I think it is very cool that someone can just run 5km, 10km or a marathon.  It is quite the achievement and a wonderful way to stay fit and alive.

The Benefits of YOga

The Benefits of Yoga

Many of us know that practicing Yoga is good for you but are you aware of what is really going on in your body?  A regular yoga practice can benefit us on a physiological and psychological level.  Below are some of the important benefits:

Physiological Benefits: 

¢  Posture improves
¢  Strength and resiliency increase
¢  Endurance increases
¢  Energy level increases
¢ Weightnormalizes
¢  Sleep improves
¢  Immunity increases

Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga and Weight Loss

I am often asked “Will Yoga help me lose weight?”  This is a tricky question as there are two possible answers: Yes and No.  Yoga and taking care of oneself is a commitment, a discipline.  And when people are attempting to lose weight, the very thing they are lacking is commitment and discipline. It is very easy to let our needs go unmet with our busy, hectic lives. But yoga and weight loss require that you put yourself first.  The benefits of Yoga can be felt after one visit, but to really reap the rewards of Yoga, you must practice weekly, and even daily.

Yoga and Grieving

I lost my mother one month ago.  Her name was Sharon Blanchard Preston and she was a beautiful woman.  She lost her battle to cancer on March 17, 2012.  And to say that I miss her is an understatement.  She was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer over 7 years ago.  When she was diagnosed, she was already stage 4 in that her cancer had already spread to the liver and her lungs.  She was given less than one year to live and that was in 2005.  I am lucky, I know.  I got to be with her for 6 more years than originally thought.

Yoga for the Young at Heart

Yoga is such a powerful discipline that enables us to grow healthier in our aging years.  Everyone who is over 40 knows that every year we start to feel more aches and pains, and  get a little stiffer getting up in the morning.  Aging is inevitable but going "quietly into that good night" is not!

Yoga is a must for anyone over 40!  Why, you ask?  The answer is simple: Yoga counteracts the effects of aging like no other discipline or fitness routine.  You see lifting weights may make your muscles stronger but does nothing to aid your joints or lengthen your muscles.
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